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Technology Transfer according to the IMLead® Heptathlon Concept

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If you are interested in boosting your manager career and become a technology transfer leader, this compact course will help you. Six practice oriented flexible modules with video lectures, two online colloquiums and individual coaching of your business project on demand.


How to position new products & services successfully in volatile markets? What management areas are related to technology transfer? What are the organisational challenges to operate internationally? What kind of instruments can be used to bring innovations into the market? How new business and production processes can be developed by using the hidden potential of the whole organisation?
Based in the IMLead® Heptathlon concept for Integrated Management & Leadership these and other questions for successful technology transfer are discussed in the course. On the basis of best practice cases, participants will receive specific and practical insights for market implementation of new products and services according to the Green IMLead® concept.

Gain best practice cases and essential knowledge in diverse areas related to the typical working tasks:

• challenges in technology transfer and the German perspective on it

• how to grow the idea to innovation

• technology transfer methods like research funding, working with patents and dealing with espionage

• strategic business development with the focus on commercialization

• getting a holistic view on management structure through IMLead® Hepthatlon Concept

• smart international communication during negotiations on technology transfer

This course has been developed in cooperation with Asian technology transfer centres and is currently being implemented in China. It perfectly combines experiences in the European and Asian markets.



“Technology Transfer according to the IMLead® Heptathlon Concept”

Academic Responsibility:

Bertram Lohmüller, PhD

Program Fee:

199 €*

Additional services:

150 € Certificate for successful completion

+ addition Transfer paper 15 slides + evaluation by EABW

150 € One hour personal coaching with EABW technology transfer expert

20% discount for students (enrollment in a university is required)

20% discount for EABW and Steinbeis Alumni

10% discount if more than 1 employee is participating in a course

Special prices for group programs in enterprises

VAT 19% included


The start date is flexible
Duration: It is recommended to finish the course within 6 weeks

Workload: Two online colloquiums (approx. 60 minutes) plus approx. 16 hours video and 12 hours of self-study of learning materials

Timeslots for online synchronous colloquiums:

A colloquium always takes place on Fridays in the first week of the month at 2 PM (CET). For the exact dates, please contact our program support.





*ATTENTION: the course will only be held with a minimum of 15 participants

* тo get demo access to the course you only need to log in as a guest

content and course structure

Topic one

Introduction and challenges

in technology transfer

Course Introduction

• Structure and communication
• Clarification of the individual transfer project

Challenges in technology transfer

• Internal challenges
• External challenges
• The German perspective on technology transfer

Topic two

From idea to innovation


• What is innovation

• Hidden needs

• Product Development Stage Gate

• Innovation pentathlon concept

Topic three

Technology transfer methods

Possibilities of research funding

• Finding national and international funding


• The role of patents

• Intellectual property


• Types of espionage
• Defence and avoidance strategies of espionage
• Differentiation between market research and espionage

Topic four

Strategic business development


Key steps for commercialisation

• The marketing circle

• Co-operation management

• Areas of market development

• Business model canvas

Topic five

IMLead® Hepthatlon concept


This module gives you an overview about the IMLead® Heptathlon Concept

• What is IMLead®

• The seven fields of the IMLead®

• Characteristics of the concept and discussion of
the seven fields: The Manager (CTO Chief
Technology Officer), The Individuals, The
Information, The Future, The Processes, The Agility.

Topic six

International technology transfer and communication


Presentation skills

• Persuasive business presentations

Intercultural communication

• Intercultural Challenges in Business Communication
• Case studies

IMLead® Heptathlon

The scientific concept IMLead® Integrated Management & Leadership brings together the different perspectives of technology and management. Due to it you can plan your managerial actions also in the technology transfer particularly effectively. At the same time you develop all organizational levels and operational fields in a sustainable and holistic way. The concept consists of 7 fields:
In the centre of the heptathlon, the manager/project manager is leading a company, business unit or a specific project (Field 1). With ‘green’ leadership competences individuals (own staff, suppliers and also the customers) have to be managed (Field 2). External information (market and environment) and internal information (data from processes, product data, data from infrastructure) has to be managed, too (Field 3). The data management is linked to digital solutions, artificial intelligence and Industry 4.0 applications. Innovations in new technologies and business models are the main basis to fulfil the current and future market demands (Field 4). To manage integrated waste management systems appropriate production and business processes are necessary (Field 5). As such integrated systems are improved and developed in faster life cycles agility and change management competences are important, too (Field 6). Finally, all activities need to be financed and all field has to be connected in an integrated way which is reflected in the competence of managers and scientists for integrated acting and thinking (Field 7).
During the course, particularly in the fifth module you will get more precise information about the use of the IMLead® in your daily business.

Course structure table


What do I get at the end of the course?

You receive a certificate of attendance, which confirm the acquired competences and your comprehensive perspective on technology transfer process according to holistic IMLead®  model.

There is no exam or a course paper to submit. The conditions of successful participation are your self-learning via video modules, fulfilling multiple choice tasks to each module and active work during two colloquiums.

If you are interested in getting a certificate for successful completion, you have to submit your transfer paper (PowerPoint Presentation: 15 slides).

Do I need a prior knowledge to take part in the course?
To take part in the course, you do not need any prior knowledge of technology transfer, but your in-depth business awareness would be an advantage.

What is a colloquium?
We offer you an open discussion with a technology transfer expert to exchange the opinions and experiences in the technology transfer in group as well as clarifying the questions arisen during video lectures.

I need coaching to bring my transfer project forward.
Whether you have a business model and technology transfer project or still on planning, Prof. Lohmüller can coach you personally. Please explain your needs and vision on the first free meeting.

To arrange it please contact Bertram Lohmüller directly: bertram.lohmueller@steinbeis.education


Bertram Lohmüller, PhD

Bertram Lohmüller is an expert on for innovation & technology management. Consultant in corporate strategy, technology transfer, innovation management and international benchmarking. Trainer of more than 2000 top managers from all over the world over the last 20 years.


Managing Director // Partner

Bertram Lohmüller

“Due to the rapid pace of technologies upgrading, their variety and complexity, the effectiveness of business processes increasingly depends on competent technology management at the organizational level. It means not only efficiently apply already used technology, but also constantly improve their performance and harmonize technological perspective with others aspects of organizational functioning. Therefore I invite you to participate in my course to get ready for the technology transfer of tomorrow and be ahead in your market field.”

Initiators and Developers

The Export-Akademie Baden-Württemberg provides specific international management training, while the Steinbeis Global Institute Tübingen implements academic programs. Together, the two organisations have more than thirty years experience in the field of academic training.

For more than 35 years, Export-Akademie Baden-Württemberg has been supporting companies and organizations in raising their innovation potential and successfully positioning themselves in the market. The IMLead® concept of Integrated Management & Leadership management developed by the Export-Akademie forms the framework for the consulting and training programs. This concept brings together the different perspectives of technology, digitization processes, competence development and sustainable management & leadership.

Since 1998 Steinbeis University links theory and practice and advances education and further education as a fundamental service in all-embracing knowledge and technology transfer. Global education with integration of real-life projects at the interface of technology and management is the unique feature of this institute. From the campus in Tübingen, research and educational programs are conducted all over the world.


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Technology Transfer according to the IMLead® Heptathlon Concept

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Technology Transfer according to the IMLead® Heptathlon Concept

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